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The ELSA lab develops research services in collaboration with the partners in our network, founded in academic research and literature. The first ELSA services are being designed in several iterations and tested in innovative AI cases. It is a close collaboration with the ELSA network of stakeholders.

ELSA scan

An ELSA scan serves to identify the ELSA aspects related to an AI design or application. Common ELSA themes and a step-by-step strategy with activities help stakeholders to reflect on their AI design and to start a dialogue with other stakeholders. To support this reflection and dialogue there are also several learning materials offered.

Pop-up ELSA labs

The pop-up ELSA labs are social labs, where stakeholders are invited to experiment with possible ways to address ELSA aspects of (future) AI applications. These experimental interactive activities on ELSA aspects of an AI design support the reflective dialogue about this with stakeholders.


The network of the ELSA lab is growing! Participating in the development of these services or as an innovative AI case is possible. Is your organization interested? In that case, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.