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Objectives and ambition

We are building an expertise centre on ELSA aspects of AI for Sustainable Food Systems. To this end, we have four objectives: 

  • To identify the ELSA aspects of AI in Sustainable Food Systems
  • To build cases of responsible AI for SFS
  • We develop mechanisms that help Research and Development in AI for SFS to make responsible design.
  • To become a hub of expertise for responsible AI in Sustainable Food Systems

Our ambition is to become an expertise hub for responsible AI, tailored to Sustainable Food Systems. In this centre, tools, legal and ethical guidelines, dialogue, and experimental approaches are brought together, and services are provided to screen and assess new AI applications, to support redesign from the ELSA perspective. It will be an ELSA meeting place for diverse quadruple helix actors: governments, (tech)companies, researchers, NGOs, and citizens/consumers. Our Hub will provide support for the ELSA aspects identification, and address AI-in-development, be that in design or implementation of the technology, contributing to the realization of a sustainable and reliable food system.