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AI for Sustainable Food Systems

Artificial Intelligence is an important enabler of the worldwide transition towards circular and Sustainable Food Systems (SFS). This implementation of AI comes with challenges, as AI can disrupt the existing food systems and raises concerns regarding the Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects (ELSA) of AI.

In this project we create an ELSA laboratory to test and develop responsible and trustworthy AI for the Sustainable Food Systems of the future.The objective of the proposed ELSA lab is to develop, test and apply a methodology for (re)designing AI for Sustainable Food Systems (SFS). The methodology involves (a) the systematic identification and exploration of ethical, legal, and social aspects of AI in specific domains in the food sector, and (b) the co-creation with quadruple helix stakeholders of responsible and human-centred AI for SFS. We will build an R&D ecosystem for the Dutch food system where ELSA aspects become an integral part of AI (re)design in the knowledge chain of fundamental, applied and practice-oriented R&D.

Throughout the project, we work closely together with stakeholders, representatives from all members of society: public authorities, industry, academia, and citizens. We build multiple case studies, create pop-up ELSA labs in various contexts, and have a stakeholder board in advising and steering the development of the ELSA lab into a Hub. The knowledge and experience gathered here will help ELSA research and services to become more broadly available.