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AI for Sustainable Food Systems (AI4SFS)

Artificial Intelligence is an important enabler of the worldwide transition towards circular and Sustainable Food Systems (SFS). This implementation of AI comes with challenges, as AI can disrupt the existing food systems and raises concerns regarding the Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects (ELSA) of AI. In this project we create an ELSA laboratory to test and develop responsible and trustworthy AI for the Sustainable Food Systems of the future.

ELSA labs

ELSA labs are participatory and inclusive quadruple helix innovation environments. Here parties work together on an equal footing in tackling societal and business challenges. The ELSA lab generates societal impact by the integration of societal goals in AI (re)design from the start. 

Objectives and ambition

 We are building an expertise centre on ELSA aspects of AI for Sustainable Food Systems. To this end, we have four objectives:

  • To identify the ELSA aspects of AI in Sustainable Food Systems
  • To build cases of responsible AI for SFS
  • We develop mechanisms that help Research and Development in AI for SFS to make responsible design.
  • To become a hub of expertise for responsible AI in Sustainable Food Systems

Contact us

To help realizing these goals, we are always open for new partners to contribute cases, to extent the knowledge base on ELSA challenges and opportunities in new emerging problem areas, and to analyse best practices. Interested? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!