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The world transitions towards more circular and Sustainable Food Systems (SFS). Artificial Intelligence is a driving force in this transition. Therefore, we build a laboratory that studies its Ethical, Legal, and Social Aspects (ELSA).

Challenges and opportunities

How can we safeguard animal welfare with AI? How can food production emissions be monitored fairly with AI? How can artificial insight in consumptions patterns lead to a circular food economy? And how can we protect the privacy and ownership of all this data; data that is commercially interesting, but also vital for building a healthier society, and a sustainable industry?

ELSA Hub for SFS

In our laboratory, we develop, test, and apply a methodology for (re)designing AI making it responsible and trustworthy. We work closely together with various commercial and non-commercial stakeholders and societal representatives. Our ambition is to develop into an Expertise Hub for responsible and trustworthy AI, tailored to the Sustainable Food Systemsof the future. 

We are always open for new partners to contribute cases, to extent the knowledge base on ELSA challenges and opportunities in new emerging problem areas, and to analyse best practices. Interested?


Event: AI in the food system

Event: AI in the food domain: (how) can we ensure that AI contributes to sustainability?

On 13 November 2023, the ELSA lab will organise an event on trends from research and practice on ethical, legal and social aspects (ELSA) of AI in the food system.

Software developers, hardware suppliers, researchers, policymakers and chain partners will discuss the opportunities and risks of AI applications in the food system.

See the website for all information on the program, invitations, and registration.

Please register before November the 8th